Gesture and language in aphasia

12th Aug
The relation between language and gesture has for quite some time been investigated in aphasia. Here a picture seems to be emerging: in aphasia, use of iconic gestures can increase as a compensatory mechanism for impaired language. However, there seems to be evidence that differences in this regard between aphasics and non-brain damaged people emerge particularly with word finding difficulties, not during normal speech. In this sense, iconic gesture and lexical concepts are linked. As aphasia...

Meaning, grammar and cognition in Williams syndrome

12th Apr

Los patrones lingüísticos podrían ayudar al diagnóstico y pronóstico de enfermedades mentales

01st Dec

Semantics and Philosophy in Europe 10 Conference

04th Oct

GracLab at INSAR 2018

13th May

Two new grants!

21st Mar
Dominika Slusna from our lab and Clara Soberats (now joining our lab coming from Antoni Gomila's group in Palma) have just won full-time PhD grants from the Generalitat and the Ministerio, respectively! Congratulations to you!!

On why autistic people are bad at imitation. A conjecture

31st Jan
Looking for convergence from different perspectives to build robust evidence for a theory: here a new attempt that combines Language/Speech evolution, Imitation theories and Autism. I will take this forward at the EVOLANG XII conference (Toruń, 16-19 April). Here is the abstract.