Autism Seminar Summary

On November 11, 2014 by Kristen Schroeder

Title: Diagnostic Criteria and Tests Used in ASD Populations
Talk Date: October 20th 2014

Elisabet Vila Borrellas and Kristen Schroeder

In this session, we reviewed the diagnostic measures and clinical assessments used in autism spectrum research within the field of psycholinguistics. One of the challenges in autism research is navigating the breadth of diagnostic guidelines and tools that may be used define and distinguish experimental populations. How participants are selected and categorized directly affects how we interpret the findings, especially in the context of small to medium size studies that hope to shed light on larger population trends. In this powerpoint, we first provide a spreadsheet overview of commonly used clinical tools for diagnostic and cognitive assessments, including specific linguistic tests drawn from relevant articles published since 2000 as well as a breakdown of what each test entails. Finally, in light of this review, in the session, we outlined our adapted methodological design with some of the tests used in the explored articles for our own prospective theses.

The addressed tests/guidelines include: (1) diagnosis: DSM-V, ICD-10, ADI-R, ADOS (2) non-verbal cognitive tests: Ravens, K-bit, WISC/WAIS, DAS; and (3) linguistic tests: CELF-4, TROG-4, PPVT/TVIP, EOWPVT, PAT.

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