Second Autism Seminar Summary

On December 15, 2014 by Elisabet Vila

Title: Language Acquisition on the Spectrum
Talk Date: November, 25th 2014

Elisabet Vila Borrellas and Kristen Schroeder

In this session, we reviewed several linguistic impairments reported during language acquisition in population with autism in two articles: Early Language Patterns of Toddlers on the Autism Spectrum Compared to Toddlers with Developmental Delay by Weismar, Lord and Esler (2010) and The Nature of Syntactic Impairment in Autism by Durrleman and Zuffrey (2009). We also commented the difference between linguistic delays and linguistic impairments and the implications of each definition and syntax impairments explained through the Truncation theory by Rizzi, which does not consider the role of reference. Finally, we also reviewed Theory of Mind and its relation to language.

Here you can find the link to this presentation. For further comments, contact Kristen Schroeder ( or Elisabet Vila (

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