Cognitive and Grammatical Phenotypes in the Autism Spectrum (2014-2019)

On December 2, 2015 by Morteza Yazdani

Researchers: Kristen Schroeder and Elisabet Vila Borrellas

Collaborators: Fundació OrientaInstitut Pere Mata, Escola Tramuntana and Escola Xarxa

Our aim is to explore the intersection between language and cognition and specifically outline how grammatical phenotypes may pattern with cognitive phenotypes. In two complementary studies we will be exploring grammatical complexity, with special focus on (1) question  comprehension with and without Theory of Mind content and visual support, led by Elisabet Vila and (2) comprehension of different forms of (pro-) nominal reference, led by Kristen Schroeder. As such we hope to fine-grain the description of linguistic diversity in the autism spectrum, one which correlates with cognitive diversity.

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