Language & Learning in Children with Communication Disorders (2015-2016)

On December 2, 2015 by Gabriel Sevilla

Researchers: Gabriel Sevilla, Otávio Mattos and Catalina Morey.

Collaborators: CDIAP Sant Joan de Déu.

This longitudinal study addresses the role of language in learning and communication from the earliest developmental stages of children with communication disorders. More specifically, we intend to: 1) develop an integrated linguistic account of the speech and co-speech gestures (specially pointing) of children with communication disorders between the one-word and the two-word period; 2) determine the ability of these children to learn from communication, i.e. to extract generic and/or specific information from the speech and co-speech gestures of others. Two different tests are periodically passed to our patients, aged between 2-4 years-old and diagnosed with autism and/or language delay. As compared with similar studies on neurotypical children, our study intends to cast new light on language, learning and communication through the clinical populations where linguistic impairments correlate with learning and communication impairments.


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