How does a nonverbal human mind represent the world?

16th Dec
What is meant by "nonverbal"? A failure to develop language can be found in populations with diverse neurogenetic developmental disorders such as Angelman syndrome, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, Cri du chat or Phelan-McDermid syndrome or Coffin-Siris syndrome, among others. Almost nothing is known about how exactly the language faculty breaks down or never comes into place. The exact linguistic profile of these populations is equally not known, but some studies report receptive language to be...

Meaning, grammar and cognition in Williams syndrome

12th Apr

Cognition without language: Nonverbal communication and cognition in non- or minimally verbal children with autism

04th May

Narrative competence across autism spectrum conditions

19th Apr

Types of (pro)nominal deficiencies in formal thought disorder in schizophrenia

15th Dec

First- vs. Third-Person Narratives & False Belief in HFA (2017-2018)

14th Dec