Joana Rosselló

Rosselló Joana 122 rI was born in Mallorca and moved to Barcelona to study philology at the University of Barcelona, which at that time was the closest to linguistics. My interest for language, in singular, was well settled even before high school and has increased ever since. Almost immediately after finishing undergraduate studies, I started to teach at the University of Barcelona, where I still am. Much later, together with some other colleagues, I led the efforts to create a degree of Linguistics in the Spanish university system. I have been teaching courses on general linguistics, (generative) syntax, syntactic typology, first language acquisition and biolinguistics (evolution of language).

Regarding research, I am specially interested in a series of interrelated topics embracing from the so-called externalization of language to cognition: Differences between modalities (sign and speech), phylogenetic origins of phonology (duality of patterning, origin of vowels and consonants, vocal learning), nature of words and their role in thought, and syntactic theory (copular clauses and null arguments, mainly). Currently, with hopefully some knowledge in these areas, I try to shed light on the contribution of speech/sign processing and grammar (within it) to the shaping of atypical and pathological cognitive profiles, with special attention to schizophrenia, autism and Huntington disease, in this order.

CV Joana Rosselló

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