Aphasia with and without the ‘inner voice’

17th Jan
I owe to Laura Sunnucks from London the knowledge that, apparently, some people with aphasia lose their 'internal language', while others don't. As Lauren Marks puts it (http://www.speechlessdoc.com/blog-summary/2015/4/16/all-our-stories), 'several people have told me that they retained their internal language throughout, and their desperate struggle was to just say those words aloud. They had a very different Quiet.' In her own case, she reports a completed 'muted' inner voice and a loss of ...

The Role of Language in Theory of Mind

20th May

Types of (pro)nominal deficiencies in formal thought disorder in schizophrenia

15th Dec

First- vs. Third-Person Narratives & False Belief in HFA (2017-2018)

14th Dec

Linguistic Deficits Identifying Thought-Disordered Speech in a Narrative Production Task (2017)

14th Dec

Language in Huntington Disease (2014-)

07th Dec