Tager-Flusberg’s webinar on language in autism now online

30th Apr
See: http://sfari.org/sfari-community/community-blog/webinar-series/2015/webinar-helen-tager-flusberg-explores-language-in-autism/

Why animals don’t get schizophrenia and people do

30th Mar
Isn't this a significant advance in the understanding of schizophrenia as "the price humans paid for language" --as Tim Crow put it in 1997?  In a nutshell, this is how the argument runs in the original paper*. Genes known to be related to schizophrenia sit close to Human Accelerated Regions (HAR), i...

Warmest congratulations…

11th Mar

OSAMCAT publishes a short article by Hinzen, Rosselló and Moya

10th Mar
Take a look at this little piece on language and schizophrenia on the OSAMCAT (Observatori de la salut mental de Catalunya) website: El mirall trencat    

schizophrenia as the price humans paid…

02nd Mar

On Person

10th Feb
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the hypothesis that autistic speech does not grammaticalise Person? I am saying: could the language of autism not be a language where everything is simply 3rd or non-Person?