Autism seminars now weekly

15th Jan
Dear all, As we are investing heavily in the autism side of our research program, please note that we are now meeting weekly on Mondays at 6 to address research topics in autism and progress in our Orienta and the potential San Joan de Deu project. Any interested parties please contact Kristen, or Eli, Wolfram

Second Autism Seminar Summary

15th Dec
Title: Language Acquisition on the Spectrum Talk Date: November, 25th 2014 Elisabet Vila Borrellas and Kristen Schroeder In this session, we reviewed several linguistic impairments reported during language acquisition in population with autism in two articles: Early Language Patterns of Toddlers on the Autism Spectrum Compared to Toddlers with Developmental Delay by Weismar, Lord and Esler (2010) and The Nature of Syntacti...

Rosemary Varley’s talk on December 3rd

14th Nov
Please mark your agenda. On the first Wednesday of December at 6pm in the Sala de professors, Rosemary Varley (UCL) will give us a talk on Global aphasia: the case for autonomy of language and thought Here is the abstract: There are many claims within cognitive science that language plays an essential role in other domains of intrinsically non-language cognition such as social, spatial or mathematical reasoning. The nature of these claims differ. Strong versions of the language and t...

Autism Seminar Summary

11th Nov
Title: Diagnostic Criteria and Tests Used in ASD Populations Talk Date: October 20th 2014 Elisabet Vila Borrellas and Kristen Schroeder In this session, we reviewed the diagnostic measures and clinical assessments used in autism spectrum research within the field of psycholinguistics. One of the challenges in autism research is navigating the breadth of diagnostic guidelines and tools that may be used define and distinguish experimental populations. How participants ...

Bleuler is one of my heroes

11th Nov